Malton Cider began in 2013 amongst some friends, using apples sourced from local orchards in Malton, Yorkshire. The popularity of the product led to increased production, including a variety of flavours – Elderflower, Rhubarb, Raspberry and Toffee Apple! You can catch us every month at Malton Food Lovers Markets and Festivals, or find us locally in many pubs and bars around the Malton area. Read about our production process below…

Our Handcrafted Production Process

We begin each season by collecting Apples as soon as they begin to fall from the laden trees. We mix and match apples for every batch to ensure a collective handcrafted flavour from orchards across the area of Malton. Here we begin processing the apples…

Picking apples at Kirkham Abbey

From Branch to Bottle

We select only the freshest apples and sort through them by hand, to ensure our apple juice is of the highest quality. We then wash all the apples, before crushing them to form a fine pulp. This pulp is then packed into ‘cheeses’ – small mesh wrappings which are stacked in blocks one on top of the other. Once constructed, the tower is then pressed under a twenty tonne industrial press, with the apple juice filtered and collected for fermentation. 

Then comes the wait…

We add yeast to our apple juice and let it ferment over the space of months to mature. Some of our special vintage has been left for years! At certain intervals we decant and filter the product to ensure only the best quality cider is achieved. 

When the time is ready, we create our own unique home-crafted flavours using our own syrup recipes. Elderflower – picked locally and boiled to release the flavour… Rhubarb – fresh from our gardens and in season, then frozen to ensure year long fresh supply… Raspberry – once again freshly picked, perfect for summer… and finally, Toffee Apple, our rich home made sugar syrup for the sweet tooth in us all.

We bottle and label each flavour individually on a batch by batch basis to ensure each drink is as fresh as the next. We hope to see you at a market soon, or enjoy us in one of our local pubs! Shop now

Find us at Malton Monthly Food Market on the Second Saturday of Every Month! Dismiss